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Experienced Technical Consulting from an Expert with 20 years in Tech & Development

Put it this way, when I started in Tech, there was this new invention called “The Internet”, which some people didn’t think would take off! 

With over 20 years in Tech, there are few problems I have not encountered, and every problem has a solution, it’s just a case of having the expertise to analyse, find and fix.


There is no such thing as impossible

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Our Services

Here is a small list of just some of the things we can do


We specialise in C#, VB.Net, MVC, PHP, .Net, Javascript, Classic ASP and more


From SQL Server to MySQL, we are experts in manipulating and controlling data

Web Development

We are specialists in functional websites that are designed to make you money, no animated gifs here

Some of What We Do

A lot of our work is private for large firms, here is some of the more public work we can show you

What We Do

Our work for clients can be broken down like so

Web Development
Problem Solving
Drinking Tea

Our Testimonials

If you are reading this recommendation it most likely means that you are searching for someone to do your new website, coding or anything technical in this field, believe me STOP searching now you have already struck GOLD, this is your guy, just tell him what you want sit back and let him work his magic. Read the rest here >>
Richard Brown
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